Kathy Webb


Kathy has been a teacher here since 1986, although, she has been in the teaching field for over 25 years. In the beginning years she taught the young 3´s. She moved to the 4/5´s for one year before settling in to the older 3´s where she taught for the next 14 years. In January 2003 the Director retired and she stepped into the role of teaching and directing. After 2 years of juggling both roles the decision was made in 2006 to devote full time as preschool director. Although she is no longer in the classroom as a teacher she spends a lot of her time with the children, staff and parents.

Tami Barrow

Assistant Director, and teaches younger 3 year-old & Cherubs classes

Tami has been part of our teaching staff since 2000, but has over 25 years teaching experience. She started as a co teacher in our extended care program and the following year she took over as our young 3's teacher. In 2004, in addition to her teaching duties, she became the Assistant Director.

Karen Loban

Teacher & Cherubs

Karen started with our preschool as a parent. She then began teaching in our M-W-F 4/5 year old class and then made the transition to the T-Th extended care class. She took a few years off from teaching but remained a vital part of our subbing network. Ms. Karen is now our older 3’s, young 4’s teacher.

Patti Irwin

Pre-K Teacher, 4-5 year-olds

Patti has been a part of our preschool since 1997. During her years here she has done everything from subbing, to teaching, to serving on the preschool board and teaching in our cherubs program. She was instrumental in implementing our cherubs program in the beginning years. She has taught in our 4/5 year old pre-k classes since 2004 but is now teaching the 5 day Pre-K program.

Melissa Scott

Pre-K Teacher, 4-5 year-olds

Melissa started with us in the spring of 2017. She has a BA in education, has been teaching in this field for many years and comes with a lot of experience. She teaches in the pre-k 4/5 year old classroom.

Sonja Savage


Sonja first came to us as a parent and is now part of our staff. She is our aide and will be working in all of our classes as well as helping us out with our cherubs program, in the afternoon. She is also our in house sub. We are excited for her to be a part of our staff.