Opportunities for children to develop social learning in a Christian environment.

Our Early Childhood Center offers a child-centered curriculum. We approach learning in a variety of styles to accommodate different learning styles - auditory, visual, spatial, linguistic, and kinesthetic. Our day has a balance between active and quiet times, individual and group activities, large - motor and small - motor activities, and child - initiated as well as adult - initiated activities. Activity centers encourage each child to incorporate what he/she is learning into their daily routine.

Learning & Development

We try to challenge each child at his/her point of readiness, to foster exploration, creativity, and a desire to learn:

  • Appreciation of stories, flannel graphs, and poems to expand language skills, and promote social interaction through meaningful conversation
  • Provide activities that support creativity, appreciation of the arts through painting, drawing, cutting, and music.
  • Utilizing a variety of manipulative and games to develop pre-math skills, number recognition, and spatial concepts.
  • Exploring science activities that involve observing, measuring, and classifying, which promote development of thinking skills.
  • Acquainting four and five year-olds with letter recognition, sounds of letters, and encourage writing their name which promote application of information learned.
  • Explore prewriting skills and incorporation into drawings with three year-olds.

Social Skills

The three year-old is eager to associate with other children and begin the gradual process of developing his/her own individuality. The four year old is busier and noisier: The feeling is one of socialization, excitement, and accomplishment.

We encourage each child to develop self-confidence, concern for the needs of others, a sense of community and a spirit of sharing.

Each child’s relationship in its class is important. Three year-olds will learn sharing and use of words to express themselves with their classmates. Four and five year-olds are encouraged to build on these skills by working together, playing together, and cleaning together.

Health & Physical Fitness

We want each child to develop "healthy" life-style habits. We provide healthy snacks, which incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables. The staff encourages each child to taste new foods; however no child is required to eat something that does not appeal to them.

Large muscle development can actually improve learning. Outdoor play allows each child to run, jump, swing, and climb. Outdoor play is an important component in our curriculum.

We encourage each child to develop self-confidence, concern for the needs of others, a sense of community and a spirit of sharing.